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Common Mode Choke

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Providing with quality and standard customer-made electronic and passive components common mode choke and solution products, Fullstar Electronics is a leading common mode choke manufacturer and supplier in China. welcome to wholesale electronics common mode inductor, cmc coils, toroidal choke inducor, toroidal common mode choke coil, common mode filter, through-hole choke filter from our factory. COMMON MODE CHOKEFeatures: Choke Coil, Small profile with large current  Low resistance , made with MPP. High-flux, Sendust and Iron Powder coresPrevents noise emission, such as electromagnetic interference(EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI)Protects AC side from effects of switching regulatorsWide range of available inductance and current ratings0.3A-5A ratings, low temperature rise 0.6mH to 50Mh dual chokesExcellent Mechanical Strength100KHz to 3MHz common mode resonance High Reliability and variant PCB-mount housing Low resistance and temperature rise High-current toroidal choke coilsLarge current choke coilsLow-resistance choke coilsVertical structure or horizontal structure Low profile design.Inductive interference rare.Small size high power inductors.Excellent Q frequency characteristiceDistributed capacity contributes to high self-resonant frequency.High dielectric strength and insulation resistance. High frequencyLow magnetic leakageline filter applicationLow radiation noise based on toroidal constructionVarious material  available to meet different frequency requirements.Customized specifications are available For excellent EMI suppressorSwitching power output and smoothing circuitsUsed as choke coil for high frequency SMPsCountermeasure against spike ripplesEMI/RFI filtersDC/DC convertersIP and OP devices Applications: Prevention of noise on signal lines and power lines for computer related or electronic productsAs a preventive measure against noise terminal voltage or power supply noise in AC/DC DC/DC line noise suppression, TV/VCR unit sand communication system.Used in AC/DC, DC/DC Line Noise Suppression, TV/VCR Units and Communication System Video cameras.Audio equipments.TV tunners.Switching power supplies.Aother circuits of consideration aganist radiation Fullstar Type Series■FTR SERIES  (Toroidal Inductor Available in various size )■FTRB SERIES (Toroidal common mode choke coils with base , Filters for High-frequency EMI Suppresion, Available in Various Sizes ) FUT SERIES (Through-hole common mode chokes)FET SERIES (Through-hole common mode chokes)FCM SERIES (Through-hole common mode chokes)

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