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Common Stainless Steel Distiller

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Water distiller  USER’S MANUAL ZHEJIANG SUJING PURIFICATION EQUIPMENT CO.,LTD. Model:YAZD-5 10 20        HSZII-5K 10K 20K 1、Construction features  1.This machine is mainly composed of four parts: evaporation pan, condenser, heater and electric device .  2. Condenser parts: this unit is made of stainless steel plate, its structure using dismantling, easy to wash internal scale. Distilled water is through the steam in the condenser pipe of cold and heat exchange and formation.  3.Heating parts: this section is by several teams of immersion people type electric heat pipe composition, installed in the bottom of the domestic evaporation, when using full immersion in water, and direct contact with the water. So what happened of electric heating tube of the heat energy that is all being used.  4. Electric controlling part: this part by liquid level controller through the probe, according to the evaporation countries water level to control electrical unit work reach evaporation countries break water automatically shut off the heating power, protect the heating elements are not damaged.  2.HOW TO USE(According to graphic)  1. First access the water with inlet valve(1).Make water into the condenser(3),Then Inject water cup(4) from the return pipe(2),And then into the pan(6)Until the water level rise to glass tube water level(5),  fill valve (1) closed.Temporary.    2.Put on power supply, the red light comes on, evaporation pan water level is less than level probe light yellow when the water reaches a level detector probe when yellow lights, lights, heating elements began to work.  3.Evaporation pan internal water boiling, open water valve (1) but should pay attention to water shoulds not be too greater than small adjustment method general master return pipe (2) into the water cup (4) water not overflow from the overflow to the cup overflow tube outflow can direct to adjust to the distilled water from (8) normal outflow.  3.Maintaining  1. Use every day wash before internal once, will replace the night for standing water, lest produce scale.  2. Because the source of impurity after evaporation and was left behind, especially take untreated water (such as well water, etc, is known as the solid water), it passes through evaporation, water left in sediment (namely scale), condensation in all wall, the more thick, long, not only hindered the water clear, but also to condenser pipe external wall, also influence condensation effect, so as to reduce the output of distilled water, electric heat pipe is also affect its quantity of heat, cannot give full play to, and shorten its service life, therefore to all parts of the scale appropriate often be cleared, but in the wash should pay attention to the don't scratch the surface tin.  4.Installation instructions  1. Power, voltage must be normal, should be in the specified scope for use, no more than positive and negative 10%, (such as voltage is too high can make electric heat pipe damage, low during the distilled water water yield). 2. Must have flow stable life with water, hydraulic pressure not less than 0.1 Mpa, should be to prevent the influence of water and water supply, cause to reduce or interrupt distilled water production. 3. The condenser (3) installed in evaporation pan (6) return pipe (2) must be aligned water cup (4) center hole to ensure the normal flow into the pan evaporation.

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