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Computer cablesProduct description:This product is suitable for rated voltage 500V and below a higher anti-interference requirements for computer and automation connectivity cable. Ground cable core insulation with K-type class B has antioxidant properties of low density polyethylene. Polyethylene insulation resistance, good voltage resistance, dielectric loss and a small temperature coefficient and variable frequency influence is small, not only to meet the transmission performance requirements, but also to ensure that the cable life.In order to reduce crosstalk and external interference between circuits, shielded cable structure. Cable shielding requirements are based on different occasions were used: combination of shielded twisted pair, shielded twisted pair cable consisting of twisted combination after total shielding methods.Shielding materials are round copper wire, copper, aluminum / plastic composite tape three. Shield with the shield has good insulating properties of the cable in use shield, if shield potential difference between the pair, will not affect the transmission quality of the signal.

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