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Computer Packaging Scales

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Features:★ Measurement of high precision, stable performance, LCD screen, operation is extremely simple; ★ Measurement of high precision, stable performance, LCD screen, operation is extremely simple;★ double helix feed is applicable to a variety of different powder weight of packaging; ★ equipped with dust removal system greatly improve the working environment;★ control computer using Motorola technology, a drop automatically correct, the ultra-poor alarm, fault of their own, can store a variety of production formula, and other functions;★ number of packaging, packaging of automatic statistics, printouts and data networking communications;★ table can be received with the conveyor, a machine Fengkou-use, high efficiency;★ imported pneumatic implementing agencies, reliable, simple maintenance.Structure★ The aircraft from the main reservoir hopper, feeding, measuring devices, unloading bucket, dust removal system, computer-controlled, pneumatic control, conveyor, Fengkou and other components.Application★ Applicable for automatic weighing and quantritative packing of wheat powder starch and other powder material of foodstuff chemica industry light industry & pharmacy etc.Technical parametersModelLCS-10a-DLZLCS-25a-DLZLCS-50a-DLZRange2-10kg10-25kg25-50kgAccuracy0.2%0.2%0.2%Speed150-250 Packe/h150-220 Packe/h150-180 Packe/hPower380/220v 50hzGas Consumption0.4mpa-0.5mpaPower1.1kw+0.75w×2+0.55kwIn order to facilitate better cooperation, special materials please provide: ★ Bag material, shape, size (provided it is the best kind); ★ of natural materials (preferably by the provision of samples); A name, B bulk density, C particle size, D moisture content, E mobility, F other characteristics (such as corrosion, etc.); ★ filling material (kg / RB); ★ requirements of the productive capacity; ★ packaging accuracy

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