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Condenser Air Cooling

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1211.Condenser air cooling, Boro3.3Product descriptionHuaou 1211 air cooling condenser, we can provide you six sizes of this condenser and we accept customized product. The upper part is bigger than other part, it is convenient to telescope the side tube of boiling flask, and the round mouth can strengthen the mechanical strength. It is perfect for the stuff which has a decomposition point of distillation higher than 140℃.There is 6 sizes available: 200ml air cooling condenser, 250ml air cooling condenser, 300ml air cooling condenser, 400ml air cooling condenser, 500ml air cooling condenser, 600ml air cooling condenser, Bullet points/advantages: 1. Material: Boro 3.3 glass2. Color: Clear3. Heavy dutyColor :  ClearMaterial:  Boro 3.3 glassSpecificationCat. No.CapacityO.D.of tubeO.D.of side tubeHeightQty/Ctn (mm)(mm)(mm)(mm) 1211200111.2450481211250111.4500481211300111.6570481211400122.1670481211500132.8800241211600143.590024

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