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Configuration Auditing For Genesys Powered Contact Centres

PRICE: 30000 USD
Product Description

InProd moves beyond just configuration auditing, it takes the headache out of managing multiple complex Genesys environments. InProd solves the issues faced by large Genesys powered contact centres which utilise multiple environments.

A critical component to be able to restore a service interruption is having the knowledge of what changes were performed within that Genesys environment. Support teams immediately know where to start their investigation, which drastically speeds up recovery time.

With the use of InProd’s ‘Change Sets’ real change management for Genesys contact centres becomes possible. Packaging up changes and confidently moving them from Development to Production Replica then into Production. Managing the deployment process and roll back with easy and eradicate unnecessary costs and downtime caused by poor planning and human error.

Due to the nature of contact center solutions, Software engineers spend a lot amount of time repeating manual configuration entries. This is expensive and greatly increases the risk of human error. By rolling changes into a ‘Change Set’ changes can be repeated with confidence.

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