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Construction Hollow Section Black Ms Shs Rhs Chs Dongpengboda

Product Description

Product Description:
 We are able to offer much enough outer packing made of high quality PVC (at least additional 30 cm) to protect tubes against harsh environment or unexpected situations in the course of transportation. Anyway, our outer packing has very tight protection as well as strong waterproof effect. If you have special requirements of packaging, we are able to provide the proper packing as per specific type of pipe, to maximize the satisfaction of your various requirements.

Product Feature:
 in mention of packing, we can offer a variety of methods for you to choose. Such is the fact , it is up to you about the number of steel pipes in a bundle. That is to say pieces of steel pipe are not fixed. Moreover, you can present your proposals about packing in order to make unloading easier. By the way, on the part of round steel pipe, the packing choice is limited. The bundle shape of round steel pipe is confined to hexagon, which is beneficial to loading and discharging products. In a word, we can negotiate all the details with you about packing and other matters.

Product Specification/Models:
product range:16mm-219mm,WT:0.6mm-10.0mm  12.7*12.7mm-400*600mm

 With skillful production experience and continuous innovation in the processing technology, our products have better quality assurance. For instance, our pre galvanized pipe looks much brighter, much smoother, and much flatter, conducive to the late processing treatment of pipes, such as painting, electrostatic spraying and etc, so as to ensure the better adhesion performance and nearly perfect surface effect of finished pipes. In addition, we are able to offer various customized pipes as per your personal requirements so as to maximize the effectiveness of the actual application in real life.

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