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Construction Multi-stage Hydraulic Cylinder For Engineering

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Construction multi-stage hydraulic cylindersMulti-level hydrauli cylinder3 stage hydraulic cylinder5 stage hydraulic cylinder7 stage hydraulic cylinderMulti stage hydraulic cylinder has a long stroke, it can also has a big lifting force. The stages could be chosen.The multi stage hydraulic cylinder could be single acting or double acting. Piston rod material is chrome plated 45# steel or 40Gr. Tube Material is steel 20# - 45#. Surface treatment can be made as per customer’s request.Customer built is the first principle for Manufacturer Betten Hydraulic which is known as experienced Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer/ Supplier,. Whatever our steering cylinders will applied in—engineering or construction machinery(forklift/ excavator/ cranes/ loaders),our rich experience in sealing technology,surface technology,structure design makes our products extremely durable,which means a longer service life and lower maintenance costs.1.Hydraulic cylinder is the most important component in hydraulic systems, it will transfer hydraulic energy into mechanical energy, and is matched with various transmission mechanism, to complete a variety of mechanical motion.2.Hydraulic cylinder has the advantages of simple structure, large output force, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance, wide application.3.Sinciput telescopic hydraulic cylinder is used in lager-tonnage sinciput hydraulic system. Together with hydraulic pump, change valve, and limit valve, it can realize the function of lifting pausing and falling. And the product can be designed and made according to the demands of customers.

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