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Container Generator

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Product Description
FENGDE is a professional container generator manufacturer, supplier and factory, welcome to check container generator price with us, or import CE container genset, enclosure generator, self running generator China, and Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South America, and Russia from us. Additional Description Adopt international standards container , 400-700KVA by 20-feet container, 750-1250KVA in a 40-feet container. container generator is approved by CCS,BV,DNV,ABS classification society, and it save the transport cost since it can be directly used as a standard shipping box. The container generator is coupled with explosion lights, on -screen control for one , user-friendly operation and maintenance. There are doors both before and after the container, so it is user-friendly maintenance and overhaul. The container-waves , rain-invasive device are installed Screen control and output switchgear in a container on the same side, user-friendly operations and cable connections. The design of Pipelines , oil emissions , silencers is original , and it is greatly favored customers. With a special exhaust and enter treatment, the result of noise reduction is evident. In order to make the transportation easy, the container has lifting device and forklift hole. Optional items include: automatically add fuel pump(or control valve). Add coolant pumps, double-oil-water separation, automated parallel system etc.

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