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Continuous Casting Tundish Metering Nozzle Quick Replacement

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Product detailsThey are made of alloy steel and composed of mechanism,Website:, hydraulic cover, hydraulic vat, upper nozzle and collect nozzle. Using life of upper nozzle is over 50 hours and collect nozzle is 8-10hours. Matched with the use of tundish dry vibration coating material, it can improve the using life of tundish.Feature:  1. Have simple structure.  2. Easy to operate with good sealing.  3. It can change nozzle in accurate position.  4. good protection on slide way.  5. Improve the casting continuity.  6. Improve the tundish using life.Images   Work pictureApplicationIt is mainly used in tundish continuous casting. It can change collect nozzle, shorten the time of replacing nozzle, greatly saving the labor and improve the working efficiency.Contact

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