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Continuous North Seeking Gyro

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ERMD-071 Gyro InclinometerThe ERMD-071 Gory is as same as ERMD-021,Website:, which is a single point and multi-point except the application of smaller size flexible gyro and features are smaller size, better anti-impact performance.Application:● Well trajectory survey● Well casing windows, cutting and directional.● Cluster well directional   ● Directional perforatingFeatures: ● Small size, anti-impact ● Multi-purpose, wide application ● Automatic north-seeking, logging data read         ● Out directly on surface Parameters:  ● Inclination angle of well: (0-70 )º ± 0.15°  ● Azimuth : (0-360 )º ±1.5º  ● High Side:( 0-360)º± 1.5º  ● Down hole instrument diameter(OD): 38mm (45mm with heat shield)  ● Pressure resistance: 140MPa / 100Mpa  ● Temp: 100 ℃ (175 With heat shield)CGRO Continuous Gyro InclinometerER-01 real time gyro ER-01 real time gyro measuring instrument, which has introduced a new measuring principle, can realize dynamic high-precision continuous well logging with high measuring speed. Logging data is accurate and reliable. CGRO-1301 can be used for old well trajectory repeated survey, sidetracking directional.Application:● Well trajectory survey● Well casing windows, cutting and directional.● Cluster well directional   ● Directional perforatingFeatures:• Fast continuous survey, 5000m/hour.• Automatic north-seeking• High accuracy• High reliability, shock resistance, vibration resistance• Simple operation and save time, Easy used software, auto-record  logging data.Technical parameter:• Azimuth: ( 0-360)º±0.5 º• Well Inclination angle:( 0-80)± 0.1°• Down hole instruments diameter :45mm (48mm with heat shield)• Pressure resistance:  140MPa/94Mpa• Temp: 100℃(175℃ With heat shield)Simple inclinometer calibration setsSimple inclinometer calibration sets is main calibration instrument for inclinometer on ground, can be used to check inclinometer 's azimuth error ,inclination error and measurement accuracy.  Main features:  • Lightweight structures  • Easy to use  • High mobility  • Non- magnetic Technical parameters :• Inclination: 0°~ 180°± 0.1°• Azimuth: 0°~360 °± 0.2 °• Tool face angle: 0°~360 °±  0.5°• Diameter range of the instrument under test: φ30—76 mm• Maximum weight of the instrument under test: 6 kg • Dimension:diameter × height= 1000 ×1100 mm• Net weight: 15 KgNon-magnetic inclinometer calibration setsNon-magnetic inclinometer calibration sets is has very high precision, which is main calibration instrumentfor inclinometer on ground, can be used to check inclinometer’s azimuth error, inclination error and measurement accuracy .    Main features:    • Robust structure    • Easy to use    • Excellent stability and high     precision    • 1’st non-magnetic materials   Technical parameters:    • Inclination:0°~180°± 2 ′    • Azimuth:0°~360°± 2 ′    • Tool face angle:0°~360°± 2′    • Diameter range of the instrument under test:φ30—50mm    • Maximum weight of the instrument under test :6 kg    • Dimension:Diameter× Height = 400 × 800 mm    • Net weight: 30 KgER-48 Continuous north seeking gyroTechnical Specification:Model: ER-481. Parameters can be measured:Inclination, azimuth, high side toolface, north direction toolface,and probe temperature.2. Measurementaccuracy(1σ):Azimuth: 0~360 deg, error: ≤0.5 degInclination: 0~70deg, error: ≤0.1degGravity toolface:0~360deg, error: ≤1.5 degNorth direction toolface: 0~360deg, error: ≤0.5deg3.Environment condition:Operating temperature: 175℃Pressure: 100 MPaShock: 700g, 0.5ms, ½sine4.Outside dimension:Downhole probe outside dimension: 48mm,Downhole probe length: 1180mm,Total length of downhole tools: 3100mm,Centralizer length 566mm,Extra heavy bar length: 1000mm,Standard R-type single-point guide shoe5.Test software:Ericco International LimitedV1.4Gyroinclinometer dedicated software.6.Measuring method:Trajectory measurements: real-time,Measurement speed: 5000 m/hr7.Ground host:Gyro dedicated host.

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