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Corrosion Inhibitor

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corrosion inhibitorT705 BARIUM DINONYLNAPHTHALENE SULFONATEProduct IntroductionThe product is a brown or dark brown thick liquid, prepared from nonylene and naphthalene.It provides the lubricant with good antirust and demulsifying performance, and oil solubility as well.No deposit would be produced in preparation of additive packages.The product is an excellent antirust and demulsifying agent. It can serve as antirust additive and emulsion breaker for antiwear hydraulic oils; antirust agent for industrial lubricating agent (such as paper machine oil, rock drill oil, steam turbine oil and circulation oil) running in damp environment;and antirust agent for lubricating grease as well.Reference dosageThe dosage is from 1.0% to 5.0%.SpecificationITEMTYPICAL VALUETEST METHODFlash point (open cup), °C165 minGB/T 267TBN, mgKOH/g35-55GB/T 7304Barium, m.5GB/T0225Water, m%0.10maxGB/T 260Impurities, m%0.10maxGB/T511Humidity Cabinet Test, level, 96hAGB/T 2361Packing & Storage The packing, marking, transportation, storage and delivery acceptance should meet the requirements of SH/T0164. It is packed in 25/50 litre metal drum. Store in dry, clean and ventilating warehouses.

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