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Corrugated Pipe Extrusion Equipment

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Qingdao Zhaoxing Extrusion Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the best China corrugated pipe extrusion equipment manufacturers and suppliers equiped with professional factory, welcome to buy pe corrugated pipe extrusion equipment, pvc corrugated pipe extrusion equipment made in China from us.This machine is with the material such as PVC, PP, PE corrugated pipe production.The single and double wall corrugated pipe production line is the Qingdao zhaoxing suji machinery introduction overseas advanced technology, unifies our country actual national condition, develops the design voluntarily the new product. Mainly take the polyvinyl-chloride or the polyethylene as raw material, the production list, the dog-legged ripple tubing, this tubing because of its unique structure, has the quality lightly, the anti-impact properties to be good, inoxidizability strong, cold resistant heat-resisting merit, widely uses in the communication, the electric wire electric cable laying down, the bridge bowden cable, the agricultural irrigation, the urban row (for) the water, buries on the infiltrating irrigation and the building launches the domain. The antophragm corrugated pipe production line, through the gear drive module, the template string water cooling, the product forced-air cooling, causes the production the corrugated pipe formation speed to be quick, the ripple shape is even, the joint consistent, in the outer wall is smooth, is suitable specially for the upscale passenger vehicle's group of lines, construction threading, special use air hose, production pipe scope mm 4-10 10-16 16-40 50--160  160--400

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