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Cr2016 Lithium Button Cell Battery

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If you are looking for high quality cr2016 lithium button cell battery from professional China company and factory, please feel free to contact Wama Electronic, we are one of the leading China cr2016 lithium button cell battery manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale products from us.CR2025 Lithium Button Cell Battery3V Lithium Button Cells BatteryLithium button cell battery, 3V nominal voltage, adopts Japan-imported high-tech stainless steel materials to produce that each piece of cell has the following advantages: smooth discharge curve, high capacity, long storage time, be applicable to wide-range temperature and excellent leakage resistance.Main FeaturesStable and reliable discharge voltage.Excellent storage characteristics.Low self discharge rate of less than 2 percent.Long shelf life.Excellent fast pulse discharge characteristics.Wide operating temperature range from -20°C to +60 °C. Application: Watches, Calculators, Portable Computers, Electric Keys, Electronic Dictionaries, Card-type Recorders, IC Card, Memory Cards for medical treatment equipment,etc.Guarantee: 1 year quality guaranteeFEATURESModelVoltage(V)Capacity(mAh)Continus(mA)High drain Pulse(mA)Dia (mm)H (mm)Weight (g)CR202531500.217202.52.6pls contact us directly if you need more technical information

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