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Creative European Style Make-up And Dressing Table Round And Rectangle Princess Beauty Mirror

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Origin: HangzhouInstallation: DesktopMaterial: Silver mirrorPort of shipment: Ningbo,Website:, ShanghaiMOQ:5Delivery time: 10-15 daysModelHSM-001HSM-002HSM-003HSM-004HSM-005Specifications(mm)216×176×255205*205350*300*110165*225190*275Product features:1mirror- the mirror Southern China Taibo original 4 cm ,by the edge grinding process, refined sand.2 frame--aluminum alloy hemming, frame thickness of 30 mm and 45 mm two optional (special specifications can be customized), drawing surface oxidation treatment, color according to customer requirements of custom-made.3 power - low voltage DC power supply, waterproof, 100% mute effect.4 switches - hand drawn type induction switch, high sensitivity, effective range of less than 300mm, effective energy saving.5 characteristics: the product fine workmanship, turn the light on the edge of the mirror a light white and not dazzling, shiny mirror Bian Guangjie. Turn on the lights have green lights, is modern and fresh; applicable to the bathroom, when dressing mirror, no matter is the lights turn off the light, give a person a sense of fashion.6 packing: products with transparent plastic bags, inside there are protected by a thick foam, transport packaging for five layers of kraft paper, journey is far or glass and other special circumstances we will add to fight wooden, steady and ensure intact without undue worry transport damage problem.Application method of LED lamp:1, buy Lamps, the first not busy device, should be carefully read the device, and then follow the device in accordance with the good lighting, or there may be the risk of attack.2, in the protection of clean don't change the lamp structure, do not arbitrarily change the lamp parts, in the protection, should according to the sample luminaire shall be installed, do not drain installation, mistaken installation lighting components.3, in the use of lamps and lanterns try not to frequent switching, although LED lights number of switch resistance is usually fluorescent lamp 18 times the left and right sides, but too often will still affect the LED lamp internal electronic components life, then affect the lamp life.4, in particular, should be noted that, in addition to the special LED lamps, usually LED lamps should be avoided in the wet environment. Humid environment will affect the LED lamp driving power electronic components, electronic components damp, shorten the lamp life.After-sale service:In the warranty period, my party is responsible for the maintenance and maintenance of all the provisions of the contract equipment, for any due to product design, installation craft, material, the quality of the products and components caused by equipment or components damage, free replacement and maintenance.After the warranty period, our company to provide users with the grade of the spare parts can be used as emergency replacement of the fault and the big screen in the operation process of fault maintenance, to ensure the stable operation of the system; the replacement of spare parts, only charge the cost.Service does not include all because of negligence, negligence, accident, natural disaster, not according to the operating instructions, wrong use, disobey instructions processing products and cause failure or damage, or by self transformation of products and parts missing.

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