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Cut-off Wheel For Stone

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Product Description
Cutting Wheel for StoneAbrasive Material: Silicon Carbide  Type: Flat (T41)  Features:High performance. Very fast and clean cutting. High tensile, shock and bending strength.  Application: For works in bricks, refractory bricks, roof tiles,  wall and floor tiles, urban pavement on general purpose.EN 12413*80m/s.  C30RBFCodeDiameter x Thickness x HoleMax.RPMP/BoxSC3003522C300x3.5x22.2mm.12x9/64x7/8 inches5,10025SC3003525C300x3.5x25.4mm.12x9/64x1 inches5,10025SC3503522C350x3.5x22.2mm.14x9/64x7/8 inches4,40025SC3503525C350x3.5x25.4mm.14x9/64x1 inches4,40025SC4004025C400x4x25.4mm.16x11/64x1 inches3,85025(2 EXT. NETS)Other holes and diameters on request.

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