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Cwdm Gbic

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ZKTel's GBIC solution is a convenient and cost-effective solution for the adoption of Gigabit Ethernet in data-center, and metropolitan-area access networks, with maximum optical budget 39dB. CWDM GBIC Transceivers are compliant with the ITU-T G.694.2 standard defined CWDM grid. Using with ZKTel's passive MUX/DEMUX, operator get 18 CWDM channel in 2 fibers link, and 9 CWDM channels in 1 fiber link. Available models CWDM GBIC 1270, CWDM GBIC 1290, CWDM GBIC 1310, CWDM GBIC 1330, CWDM GBIC 1350, CWDM GBIC 1370, CWDM GBIC 1390, CWDM GBIC 1410, CWDM GBIC 1430, CWDM GBIC 1450, CWDM GBIC 1470, CWDM GBIC 1490, CWDM GBIC 1510, CWDM GBIC 1530, CWDM GBIC 1550,  CWDM GBIC 1570, CWDM GBIC 1590, CWDM GBIC 1610. PackagePart No.Fiber TypeData Rate RangeWavelengthOptical ComponentsDistance Range/Power   BudgetConnectorCase Temperature rangeDDMApplicationFunctionGBICZD9J193-xxSSMF1.25GbpsCWDMDFB/PIN19dBSCCom./Ind.-GBE   ,FC ,FTTxGBICZD9J243-xxSSMF1.25GbpsCWDMDFB/PIN24dBSCCom./Ind.-GBE   ,FC ,FTTxGBICZD9J273-xxSSMF1.25GbpsCWDMDFB/PIN27dBSCCom./Ind.-GBE   ,FC ,FTTxGBICZD9K323-xxSSMF1.25GbpsCWDMDFB/APD32dBSCCom./Ind.-GBE   ,FC ,FTTxGBICZD9K363-xxSSMF1.25GbpsCWDMDFB/APD36dBSCCom./Ind.-GBE   ,FC ,FTTx

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