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Cyclone System For Crusher

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Product Description
Compatible with all models of granulators.Fully automatic material recycling, no laborer required.All stainless steel construction to ensure material purity.Adopted dust collecting bag to absorb dust, preventing air pollution.Simple construction, disassembling and cleaning.Volume100kg200kgfAf650mmf775mmH12700mm2750mmH2600mm800mmModelRF-2HPRF-3HPRF-4HPRF-5HPRF-7.5HPRF-10HPMotor Power1.5kW/2HP2.2kW/3HP3kW/4HP4kW/5HP5.5kW/7.5HP7.5kW/10HPHose Diameter (mm)f76f100f100f127f127f159Conveying Height (m)334555Tank Volume (kg)100200Compatible Granulator Model (HP)5-1015-2030-405050-7575-100We reserve the right to change specifications without prior notice.

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