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Dc Isolator With Mc4 Up And Down Type

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Yueqing Feeo Electric Co.,Ltd is one of the professional China dc isolator with mc4 up and down type manufacturers and suppliers, if you are going to check the price with one solar dc isolating switch, solar dc isolator switch, 600vdc isolator, 4p dc isolator switch, solar disconnector factory in China, please feel free to contact us. Product  Description Solar  DC  up-in  down-out  type  isolator It  is  important  to  ensure  that  all  electrical  connections(including  factory  connections)  are  tight,  ensure  that  all  terminal  screws  are  tightened  firmly. It  is  recommended  that  for  DC,  multi-stranded  cable,  crimp  ferules  are  used  to  ensure  that  the  wires  do  not  become  loose,loose  cables  can  cause  excessive  watt  loss  and  generate  excessive  heat  causing  severe  damage  to  the  switch. After  installing  and  wiring  the  switch  carry  out  the  following  test:  switch  on  and  off  several  times  making  sure  that  a  positive  snap  action  can  be  felt  and  heard. If  the  switch  cannot  be  felt  and  heard  to  operate  correctly  then  it  is  important that  che  switch  is  not  used. 3/4Pole  FDIS  Switch Main  contacts Type FDIS Rated  thermal  current  1  the A 16 25 32 Rated  insulation  voltage  U  i V 1000 1000 1000 Rated  operational  current  leDC2l  B 2  pole  in  series 600V A 16 15 32 2  pole  in  series+  2  poles  parallel 600V A 29 45 50 900V A 13 16 20 1200V A 9 11 13 3  poles  in  series 900V A 16 25 32 1000V A 16 25 32 4  poles  in  series 600V A 16 25 32 600V A 16 25 32 600V A 16 25 32 Rated  operational  current  le  DC22B 2  poles  in  series 600V A 5.5 6 6.5 900V A 1 2.5 3 1200V A 1 1.5 2 3  poles  in  series 600V A 16 23 25 900V A 6.5 7 7.5 1200V A 5.5 6 6.5 4  poles  in  series 600V A 16 25 27.5 1000V A 11.5 12 12.5 1200V A 8 9 110 Rated  conditional  short-circuit  current A 5 5 5 Mechanical  life x10 10 10 10 Rated  short-time  withstand  current(ls) 2,4/2+2H A 800/1300 900/1500 1000/1700 Short  circuit  making  capacity 1cm 800/1300 900/1500 1000/1700 FAQ                                                                                                Q: If I'm interested in your DC Isolator when I can receive your quotation and detail information after send the inquiry? A:All your inquiry will be replied in 24hours. Q:Your DC Isolator seems perfect but what's the difference between you and other suppliers?Because I find some cheaper price from others! A: Our DC Isolator is IP66 degree and they are high quality customized.for solar system I think compare the quality first and then compare the price is the best way. Q:Can I get a sample before the order because I really don't how is your DC Isolator quality? A:Of course!We also think sample order is the best way to build the trust.  Q:How's the delivery?Because I really need them is urgently? A:For sample order 3~7days will be no problem.And for regular order we promise in 15days. Q:How's the warranty  period for your DC Isolator? A:We offer one year warranty for our customer. Packaging Details: standard export box package carton size 420/240/330 Delivery Detail:15-20DAYS Quality Control We have a strict standard on raw materials and will proceed more than 6 times inspection during the mass production, including the supervisor and machine inspection. Factory audit could be availability to our customers if necessary.

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