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Decorative Laminates (hpl)

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Product Description

Decorative Laminates (HPL):

We offer Interior grade ultimate luxury decorative laminates with premium quality unparalleled designs, textures, colours and finishes.

Offers some of India's finest High Pressure and compact Laminates ever changing designs and never-changing quality.

  • Premium laminate brands in the country with the widest range in the category and quality.
  • It is a resilient, flexible product that has unlimited potential in surface decor.
  • Featured rich, luxurious designs that added aesthetic value to interiors.
  • A World standard product which is suitable for both horizontal and vertical applications where maximum impact resistance and durability are desired.

Decorative laminates are available in the following sheet sizes. Please note other sheet sizes may be available upon request.
4’ x 8’ (1220x2440mm)

Decorative laminates are available in the following thickness…




We can also customize thickness as per client’s requirements.

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Decorative laminates (hpl)
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