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Dehydration Vibrating Screen

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Product Description
Summary of dewatering vibrating screen productdehydration vibrating sieves (dehydration sieves) is a special screening equipment in coal slime dewatering operation and is widely used in coal slime recovery, filter isolate thick, filtering, dehydration and recycling of other fine materials. It can be used for coal preparation, ore dressing, power, sugar, salt and other industrial departments to dry and wet type classification, dewatering, medium, and desliming of fine grained material. Sieve machine has large processing capacity and high screening efficiency. Dehydration vibrating sieves (dehydration sieves) adopts double motor synchronization technology, universal eccentric block, adjustable amplitude vibrator and is mainly composed of screen box, vibrator, supporting system and motor. Through shaft coupling of belt to respectively drive two vibrators with no mutually contact to realize synchronous reverse operation, centrifugal force produced by the two groups of eccentric mass overlay along the direction of vibration force component , reverse centrifugal offset, so as to form a single induced vibration along the direction of vibration to make the screen box do reciprocating linear motion.Dewatering vibrating screen product features:1、Sieve machine overall body for horizontal installation, but screen installed for negative angle to ensure the dehydration effect  2、Screen is available in stainless steel composite screen, tension type installation, or stainless steel welding seam sieve plate, pressure type installation, for different needs.3、Frequency converter can be used to adjust frequency of vibration at any time in order to achieve the best effect of dehydration   4、Automatic synchronous fluid lubrication vibrator used for excitation, sieve box adopting special noise reduction materials, high-strength bolt connection to ensure the machine working reliability and noise reduction. Working noise 85 db (A) drops of about 15 db compared with the similar machine   5、Filling period set arc screen surface to improve the efficiency of dehydration  6、 Feed box is set to ensure material evenly into the screen surface  7、whole chassis is equipped for easy to handle and install8、Rely on sieve filter layer to intercept fine particle and backlog dehydration Dewatering vibrating screen product technical parameter list:modelscreen surfacefeeding material size (mm)production capacity t/hvibration frequencydouble-amplitudemotor power(kw)mm overall size (dimension)reference weight( kg)areascreen size(mm)screen structureZSM154260.25-13slot≤30075-1008009-10114500*2690*17104016ZSM1556813-50punch or article≤30030-6080010155850*2675*170346422ZSM15568up13-50;down0.25-13 punch upper  article down≤30030-6080011155850*2575*20235649ZSM1556B813-50punch or article≤30030-60800117.5*25850*2854*170747692ZSM1556B8up13-50;down0.25-13punch upper  article down≤30030-60800117.5*25850*2854*20235790ZSM1756A9.513-50punch or article≤30050-8080010155850*2925*170350982ZSM1756A9.5up13-50;down0.25-13punch upper  article down≤30050-8080010152550*2770*20156105ZSM1756B9.513-50punch or article≤30050-80800107.5*25850*3104*170352262ZSM1756B9.5up13-50;down0.25-13punch upper  article down≤30050-80800107.5*25850*3104*20206246ZSM18561013-50punch or article≤30050-8080011115600*2778*15574580ZSM20651313-50punch or article≤30070-1008001118.56750*3208*188565772ZSM206513up13-50;down0.25-13punch upper  article down≤30070-1008001118.56750*3140*21807946ZSM2065B1313-50punch or article≤30070-100800911*26750*3428*188067012ZSM2065B13up13-50;down0.25-13punch upper  article down≤30070-1008001111*26750*3428*31858068

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