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Dental Molding

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Haining Royal Plastic is one of the leading fashion and decorative dentil molding manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing with high-quality dentil molding building material, welcome to buy dentil molding from our factory.PU Moulding Installation Method1. Draw reference lines on wall for cornice.2. Saw the marked point and better cut more than 5mm, Using construction glue to connect cornice to wall and ceiling3. Using pressure guy to snail and if the wall is too strong then use steel snail to fix joints, please use saw and sand paper.4. Using snail gun or steel snail to fasten the cornice and then fill the holes with plaster. Putting filler to fill up gaps.5. Clean the overflowing glue with wet cloth. For further mending, please use sand paper and then complete the process with paint.

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