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Deoxidant Iron Powder

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Deoxidizer with reduced iron powder using a reduced iron powder, in principle has reacted deoxidizer iron oxide (iron), oxidation enzyme (enzymes), ascorbic acid oxidase, a light-sensitive dye oxidation. At present, most are based on the use of oxygen scavenger iron oxidation reaction. Iron can occur in the air oxidation-reduction reaction, 4Fe + 3O2 = 2Fe2O3, ferric oxide product having a water absorption, so do iron deoxidizer at the same time both the nature of dehydration, which is the desiccant. Appearance ashes black powder.Performance:Deoxidizer with reduced iron content is high, high hydrogen loss, loose structure, strong adsorption, reaction stable.Product Usage:Deoxidizer with iron reduction is mainly applied to industries deoxidizer, drying, food preservation, and other additives.

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