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Deoxygenation Equipment Through Carburizing

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Basic InfoModel NO.: KNCPurpose: Gas PurificationApplication Fields: ChemicalMachine Size: LargeCertification: ISO,Website:, CE, SGSSpecification: KNC-10HS Code: 84051000Usage: NitrogenParts: FiltersNoise Level: LowCondition: NewTrademark: YUANDAOrigin: ChinaProduct DescriptionProcess Principle:Under the catalytic action of carbon media catalyst, the remained oxygen in the nitrogen gas reacts with carbon elements in the catalyst thus to realize the oxygen removalThe chemical equationis: C+O2=CO2Range of Application:This equipment is suitable for high purity nitrogen customers, especially for techniques exercising strict control over oxygen and hydrogen in magnetic materials and electronic industries.--Purity of nitrogen: 99.9995%(02< =5PPm\C02< =5PPm)--Handling capacity of air flow: 10-500 Nm3/h--Purity of nitrogen raw material: >=99.9%--Dew point< =-60o; C ~ -70o C--0utlet pressure of nitrogen product: 0.1~0.6MpaMain Characters:1. The stability is good and the oxygen content is always below 5PPm at any time;2. The purity is high and the purity of nitrogen at 99.9995% can keep stable over a long period of time.3. The reliability is excellent and the production is in strict accordance with the IS09002 International Standard.

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