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Deplacement Sensor

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Displacement Sensor(eddy current sensor)CWY-DO-Series proximity displacement transducer (eddy), based on the principle of the eddy current effect on the metal surface, tests and controls such mechanical quantity as displacement, vibration and rotating speed of the metal objects. Advanced properties of proximity test, wide linearity range, high sensitivity, strong ability of anti-disturbance, without medium influence, good stability and reliability and easy processing. It has been widely used in metallurgy, chemicals and astronautics and also the detection of such mechanical quantity as displacement, vibration, rotating speed, length, thickness and surface roughness of scientific research and experiments of the schools. Besides the test of static displacement, it has been widely applied in the measurement of vibration, axial displacement and rotating speed of suchrotating shafts as steam turbine, compressor and motor; and also applied in the application monitoring and fault diagnosis.Specifications:ModelCWY-DO-501CWY-DO-502CWY-DO-504CWY-DO-510 CWY-DO-525Measurement Range0-1mm0-2mm0-4mm0-10 mm0-25 mmResolution Ratio1μm1μm1μm1μm1μmFrequency Response0 ~5 kHz0 ~5 kHz0 ~5 kHz0~5 kHz0~5 kHzSensitivity Temperature Coefficient0.1 %/℃ FS0.1 %/℃ FS0.1 %/℃ FS0.1 %/℃ FS0.1 %/℃ FSPrimary Gap0.1~0.5mm0.1~0.5mm0.1~0.5mm0.1~0.5mm0.1~0.5mmSensitivity & Error(mV/μm)Un-interchange ability8±10% mV/μm4±10% mV/μm2±10% mV/μm1±5% mV/μm0.4±12% mV/μmInterchange ability8±15% mV/μm4±15% mV/μm2±15% mV/μm1±10% mV/μm0.4±20% mV/μmLinearity & ErrorUn-interchange ability≤2%≤2%≤2%

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