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Surestrong Machinery Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China desander manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to check desander price and design with us, and also we are always able to offer you desander for sale.  Mud Desander for Different ApplicationsDesander TypesDesander DiscriptionType: Desander without downstream drying shale shakerModel: GNWS-2S / GNWS-3S DesanderApplication: For oil gas drilling un-weighted drilling mud.Features: Small footprint, economic choice, no consumable screens.Result: Wet cuttings, not recommended for Weighted mud and drying solids.Type:Desander with GNZS752 Series Mini Shale Shaker Screen Area:1.35㎡Model: GNZJ752E-1S / GNZJ752E-2S DesanderApplication: For oil gas drilling small drilling rig , CBM drilling, HDD, Water Well drilling.Features: Small footprint, economic choice, acceptable drying solids.Type: Desander with GNZS703 Series 3 Panel Shale Shaker Screen Area:2.6㎡Model: GNZJ703E-D2S / GNZJ703E-3S DesanderApplication: For oil gas drilling big drilling rig , large HDD rig, Tunneling Boring Machine etc.Features: Big capacity,, drying solids.GN Mud Desander Technical ParametersGN Mud Desander Features & BenefitsThe GN 10 Inch desander is used as the 2nd stage of solids control for drilling mud, which makes separations between 40 and 75 microns● 100% Polyurethane(PU) Material for desander cones with longer using life● Clamp type for easy maintenance● Compact design with small footprint● Flexible options for 1 or 2,or 3 for different capacities● Flexible fast connection are available for user friendly assembly  ● Tangentially blended into the cone entry as a narrow rectangle to minimizes turbulence in the upper section of the cone, allowing the solids to move quickly to the cone wall.

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