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Deutz Industry Diesel Genset

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Product Description
FENGDE is a professional deutz industry diesel genset manufacturer, supplier and factory, welcome to check deutz industry diesel genset price with us, or import CE heavy duty diesel generator, deutz generator, genset deutz, deutz diesel China, and Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, India, South America, and Russia from us. Additional Description 1. DEUTZ engine feature DEUTZ engine combined the outstanding feature of compact structure,big power, low fuel consumption, small size, light weight, high Reliability and durability, slight vibration, low noise, convenient using and easy maintenance. Its exhaust emission comes up to EURO Ⅱ, Ⅲstandards. 2. Alternator Engine can be coupled with SUNVIM, STAMFORD, LEORY SOMER, MARATHON alternator according to customers’ demand. Controller system1. Standard control panel, including voltmeter, fequency meter, ampere meter, water temperature gauge, oil temperature gauge, oil pressure gauge, AMF control module,oil level indicator, emergency button, preheating button, battery voltage gauge, hours running counter for protection and tranfering. 2. It can be with ATS electric control cabinet, including circuit breaker, LCD or LED auto controller, indicating lamp, transfer switch,etc.. Automatic transfer switch (ATS) uses update technology, which can be automatic control for on-off electricity, remote monitoring, automatic parallel operation,etc. 50Hz Deutz Generating Set Data Sheet (1500RPM) Genset Model Rated power Deutz Engine Marathon Alternator PDF Download kw kva Engine Model Alternator Model JGD24GF 24 30  D226B-3D 30KW GM-24-4 JGD24GF.PDF JGD30GF 30 38 D226B-3D 30KW   GM-30-4 JGD30GF.PDF JGD40GF 40 50 TD226B-3D 45KW MP-40-4 JGD40GF.PDF JGD50GF 50 63 WP4D66E200 60KW MP-50-4 JGD50GF.PDF JGD80GF 80 100 WP4D100E200 90KW MP-80-4 JGD80GF.PDF JGD180GF 180 225 BF6M1015-LA GA 208KW MP-180-4 JGD180GF.PDF JGD200GF 200 250 BF6M1015C-LAG1A 228KW MP-200-4 JGD200GF.PDF JGD240GF 240 300 BF6M1015C-LAG2A 256KW MP-240-4 JGD240GF.PDF JGD260GF 260 325 BF6M1015C-LAG3A 282KW MP-260-4 JGD260GF.PDF JGD280GF 280 350 BF6M1015C-LAG4        310KW MP-280-4 JGD280GF.PDF JGD300GF 300 375 BF6M1015CP-LAG        328KW MP-300-4 JGD300GF.PDF JGD350GF 350 438 BF8M1015C-LAG1A 388KW MP-350-4A/S JGD350GF.PDF JGD400GF 400 500 BF8M1015CP-LAG2 448KW MP-400-4A/S JGD400GF.PDF JGD480GF 480 600 BF8M1015CP-LA G5 560KW MP-480-4A/S JGD480GF.PDF

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