Dexcowin Iray D4 Dental Handheld X-ray System -

Dexcowin Iray D4 Dental Handheld X-ray System

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Dexcowin iRay D4 Dental Handheld X-Ray System

Dexcowin’s iRay D4 is a total dental imaging solution. The iRay D4 comes with an attachable digital sensor, a built in computer for image processing and a 4.8” digital screen so you can see your radiographs live. Diagnosis with a single machine, completely safe and mobile allows imaging on the go. The iRay D4 works with film, digital sensors and PS (photostimulable phosphor) plates. The iRay D4 is wireless, handheld, and completely mobile thus eliminating the need for designated X-ray machine rooms.

Dexcowin’s iRay D4 is an all in one solution. It is an x-ray source, a computer, and comes with a high-quality sensor. The iRay D4 can be used as a simple x-ray source when used with film or a sensor attached to a separate computer.

The iRay D4 is wireless, handheld, and completely mobile thus eliminating the need for designated X-ray machine rooms. The iRay D4 is perfect for the endodontic who need to surgical procedures in process or mobile dentist practicing in remote locations without computer access.


- Safe to hold by hand. 1/7 the radiation exposure then conventional systems.
- Rechargeable Li-poly batteries allow up to 300 images on a single charge.
- Works with any radiographic medium: film, digital sensor, PS plates.
- Operator Safe: Certified as SAFE TO USE BY HAND


- The iRay D4 is a complete mobile system. It has an on board computer and a 4.8” screen that allows the doctor to take analyze X-rays with a single piece of equipment.
- There is no need for additional equipment as the iRay D4 comes complete with a high definition sensor.
- The iRay D4 is the most mobile and independent solution on the market today.
- The iRay D4 comes with two rechargeable Li-poly batteries with up to 300 shots on a single charge.
- The iRay D4 also includes wireless transfer to your PC, now take and view your X-rays anywhere!


- The iRay D4 gives you more for less than conventional systems. The iRay D4 does not need special construction in terms of shielded rooms, chemical development and dedicating rooms for X-ray.
- The iRay D4 does not require special technical equipment such as computers and additional sensors thereby providing quality all-in-one equipment.
- It allows you to take an x-ray in real time, while you are in the room.  This allows the practitioner to provide his customer face to face reassurance while the X-rays and images are taken.

Still not convinced? We also offer a 5-jointed stand arm for which you can mount the iRay D systems. Comes fixated to a mobile cart so you still preserve the portable characteristics of the iRay system. With an included remote control, satisfy any operator who still feels uneasiness with being in the same room as an X-ray machine.

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