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Die Casting

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Xu Denny

Product Description
Die CastingMastars’ pressure die casting facility has in house tooling capability that can produce moulds for parts that can weigh up to 34kg and measure up to  - 500mm * 600mm * 350mm.We have 50 die casting machines ranging in clamp force from 100T to 650T and casting materials in common use are aluminium and zinc. We provide aluminium die casting , zinc die casting and high pressure die casting.Cast parts can also have extensive second operations in Mastars own machining facilities as well as a wide range of cosmetic finishing including powder coating, spray painting, anodising, polishing and plating.Part quantities may vary from 5 or 10 off prototype parts to many thousands of mass production requirements – all of which will be produced with the care and precision we apply to all of our projects.
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