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Diesel Engine Oil Additive Package

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Product Description
diesel engine oil additive packageT6062A CI-4 Diesel Engine oil Additive PackageProduct IntroductionT6062A is a functional additive package developed for API CI-4 diesel engine oil. It is suitable for harsh working conditions and overload conditions, and can be widely used for blending 15W / 40 heavy duty diesel engine oil with group II base oil and viscosity index improver of SSI 24 or 35, the quality level can meet the API CI-4/ACEA E7-08. In part of group I base oil, can reach the performance requirements of API CH-4/ACEA E7-08.Reference dosageAPISAE TypeReference DosageCI-4/ACEA E7-0815w/40,20w/5011.95%Specification                   ItemTypical ValueTest MethodAppearanceBrown Viscous LiquidVisualDensity(20℃),kg/m3ReportGB/T1884Kinematic Viscosity (100℃),mm2/sReportGB/T265Flash Point(COC),℃168GB/T267TBN,mg KOH/g98.9SH/T0251Zinc,%(m/m)1.02SH/T0226Calcium,%(m/m)3.39SH/T0297Phosphorus,%(m/m)0.9SH/T0296Packing & StorageThe product is packed in 200 liter metal drum (Net weight: 190kg/drum).During the storage, ,loading and unloading and blending, the highest temperature should not exceed 65 ℃,during long-term storage, the highest temperature should not be more than 45 ℃. For other details, please check the related MSDS.

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