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Diesel Fuel Oil Filter Machine

Product Description

DSP Coalescence-separation Diesel Fuel Oil Filter Machine provides solutions for stored diesel generator fuel cleaning, fuel polishing, fuel filter to clean fuel, fuel contamination, fuel filtration & generator maintenance services along with quality bulk-stored diesel fuel filter & maintenance systems. It adopts coalescing filter to separate the free and dissolved water from oil, meanwhile, Diesel Fuel Oil Filter Machine also equips separation filter, which removes the water drop by gravity, falling into the water tank. DSP diesel fuel oil purifier equips micro filter elements to remove the particles and cleanness up to NAS 6 grade.



1.Rapidly removing large amount of water from oil and water content reach 100 PPM.

2.The working conditions of all the parts are displayed clearly, monitoring, alarming, action control and safety stop enable the oil purifier to run online.

3.The coalesced oil takes the least restricted path to exit and rises or floats through the media to the top of the bulk liquid surface.

4. DSP Diesel Fuel Oil Filter Machine can remove the impurities through coarse filter, protecting filter, and fine filter.

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