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Digital Display Pid Temperature Controller

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XMT*- 3000 Series Digital Temperature ControllerXMT*- 3000 series digital temperature controller can replace traditional digital meter,it adopts gentle touch key-press to set freely ,single-row LED display,with sensor’ s error amendment,its case is ultra-thin,the thickness of its frame is only 2mm(any case can be configured according to client’s request),it makes the meter with more beautiful appearance,and makes the control capability more reasonable.Ⅰ.Technical Indexes:1.Input:Thermal resistance:PT100、CU50;Thermal couple:J、K、S、E、B;Macromolecule humidity sensor(provided by ourselves)、thermal resistor NTC(Resistance and B value determined by Client)2.Temperature range: K(0~1300℃)  E(0~800℃) S(400~1600℃)  J(0~1000℃) B(800~1800℃)Pt100(-50.0~200.0℃; -200~600℃)   Cu50(-50.0~150.0℃)3. Display Precision:±1%F·S4.Return difference setting range:0~40℃、0.0~20.0℃, Sensor’s error translation amendment range:-10.0~10.0℃、-19-20℃5.Control method:ON/OFF or return difference control;time proportion control(Proportional band 3%,period 30s)6.Output:relay’s open and close trigger output AC220V/10A;Driving solid relay signal:driving electric current≥15mA,voltage≥9V(proportional band3%,period2s)Driving controllable pulse output:scope≥3V,width ≥40us contact with pulse when move to exceed zero7.Working power:AC90~242V  50Hz/60Hz     Power consumption:<4W8.Working condition:0~50℃,humidity≤85%RH,without corrode and strong electric radiationⅡ.Meaning of model:XMT □ - 3 □ □ □ -SUFFIX12  3  4Blank1:External dimension'blank’:80×160×80   Installation hole:76×152; 'S’:160×80×80   Installation hole:152×76;  'A’:96×96×80    Installation hole:92×92;  'B’:60×120×105  Installation hole:56×114;  'E’:48×96×80    Installation hole:44×92;    'F’:96×48×80    Installation hole:92×44;   'D’:72×72×100   Installation hole:68×68;   'G’:48×48×90    Installation hole:44×44;  'K’:24×48×90    Installation hole:23×45Blank 2:Control output method:'0’:ON/OFF or potential difference control,relay output;'2’:upper and lower limit, relay output;     '3’:time proportion control,relay output;   '5’:Driving solid relay signal output;  '6’:Driving controllable silicon phase –shifting pulse signal output; '7’:Driving controllable silicon signal output pulse when move to exceed zero Blank 3:Alarm method:'0’:no alarm;'1’:upper limit alarm;'2’:lower limit alarm;'5’:audible alarmBlank4:Input:'1’:thermocouple; '2’:thermal resistance    '7’:Macromolecule humidity sensorSuffix:'D’:30A high-power relay outputⅢ. Panel indicating device(consult):

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