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Digital Printing Sublimation Ink

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Transfer Printing Offset SeriesFor alumina plate, stainless steel plate, copper plate and porcelain with the coating, the heat transfer temperature can refer to the temperature for polyester fabric.Use ParametersFabric NameTransfer temperatureTransfer dressureTransfer timePolyester low flexibility fabric195℃~205℃0.5kg/cm230 secondsThree-acetate fiber fabric190℃~200℃0.5kg/cm230~40 secondsNylon fabric195℃~205℃0.5kg/cm230~40 secondsAcrylic fabric200℃~210℃0.5kg/cm230 secondsTwo-acetate fiber fabric185℃0.5kg/cm215~20 secondsGather propionitrile fabric190℃~220℃0.5kg/cm210~15 secondsPolyester fabric205℃~220℃0.5kg/cm210~30 secondsThe control of the colors is always carried out after the transfer of the final supports. The relationship between the temperature and the time of contact is important in order to have the optimal color resistance and ink penetration (the longer the time of transfer, the better the ink penetration of the fabric).product name:digital sublimation ink Printing type: heat transfer printing Ink type: water based ink Color: cyan,magenta,yellow,black,light cyan,light magentaSuitable machine:Epson DX4/DX5/DX6/DX7 printer head,Mimaki,Mutoh etc.Application: Garments,suitcase,hat,pillow,mouse pad,mug etc.Suitable paper: sublimation paper

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