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Centralized Management Information Publishing SolutionLED screen has earned widely application in the field of both outdoor and indoor advertising by its advantages such as high brightness, various media type, and strong visual impact. With the increasing number of LED screens under a certain advertisement publishing company, there rise several problems that how to manage LED screens in different area, how to manage the content and publish them with a fast, accurate and convenient process. ※The multi-user authority management system features custom setting of multi-windows and supply media display of all sorts. ※Embedded design gives the system a reliable and highly secured quality.※The B/S system structure supports group management of large amount of display terminals.※Support flexible internet connection route including 3G and Wi-Fi.※Support long distance control and maintenance for the terminals. Basic Features of the Display Management System※Pixel by pixel brightness and chroma adjustment (no need for specific driver IC) assures the display quality.※Stability despite large screen size※Real-time monitoring of every component of the control system and status of display cabinet (temperature, humidity and smoke);※Real-time monitoring of every single display pixel, find the open-circuit/short-circuit problem should a display failure happens.※Lighting up simultaneously, 16 bit gray level, precise control thus delicate display※Auto brightness adjustment according to environment※Long distance control or preset turning on and off.※Use of optical fiber expands the transmission distance to tens of kilometer, easily make long distance control and signal transmission available.※The Power Saving Mode remarkably reduce the power consumption and heat, and increase the durability.※Report any display failure through message by E-mail or GPRS.

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