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Din9834 Guide Bushing

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#50SP1-SL4 Water Lubricated Brass BearingThe #50SP1-SL4 water lubricated brass bearing is constructed from high-strength ordinary brass with HB>210 by adoption of state-of-the-art casting technology. It is a type of oil-less bearing inset with water lubricant. Based on working conditions, a certain proportion of holes are drilled on its wear-resistant surface. Mechanical strength of the product is similar to that of #50SP1-SL1.Features 1.The water lubricated brass bearing is ideal for use at heavy load and low speed. 2.SL-4 lubricant is mainly composed of PTFE, thus featuring superb water lubrication and extremely low coefficient of friction. Operating temperature of SL-4 is less than 300 degrees Celsius. 3.#50SP1-SL4 is particularly suitable for seawater lubrication. For instance, it can be applied in water turbines or ships. Also, it can act as a pharmaceutical machinery bearing or a beverage machine bearing.#50SP5-SL1 Solid Lubricated Brass BearingThe #50SP5-SL1 solid lubricated brass bearing is primarily composed of high-strength special brass with HB>235. Its wear-resistant surface has a certain proportion of drilled holes. This kind of oil-free brass bearing is inset with a solid lubricant. Both its strength and hardness are higher than those of the #50 SP1-SL1.Characteristics 1.Owing to higher mechanical strength and hardness, the solid lubricated brass bearing is provided with increased carrying capacity and abrasion resistance in comparison with #50SP1. 2.It can be applied in different industries such as mining machinery and engineering machinery. 3.The engineering machine bearing gives superb wear resistance under conditions of low speed and heavy load. 4.It is not suitable for use in seawater environment.#50HP Solid Lubricated Copper Bearing1.The #50HP solid lubricated copper bearing is based on high-hardness copper alloy with HB>245. It is a kind of solid lubricant inlaid non-oil bearing. A certain proportion of holes are drilled in the wear-resistant surface.2.In view of mechanical strength and hardness, this product is superior to both #50SP1 and #50SP5. With ultra high carrying capacity, it is suitable for those with low speed, high precision, and no impact.3.In addition, the #50HP solid lubricated copper bearing gives the best wear-resisting property when compared to #50SP1 and #50SP5. It is an ideal wear-resistant bearing for injection molding machines and so on.4.Please choose a suitable product among #50SP1, #50SP5, and #50HP in accordance with specific working conditions.#50AB-SL1 Solid Lubricated Aluminum Bronze BearingThe #50AB-SL1 solid lubricated aluminum bronze bearing is basically made from copper alloy with HB>150. It is a kind of oil-less bearing, and drilled holes are well distributed on its working surface. The bearing with solid lubricant gives extremely strong resistance to heat and corrosion.#50AB-SL4 Water Lubricated Aluminum Bronze BearingThe #50AB-SL4 water lubricated aluminum bronze bearing adopts copper alloy with HB>150 as its base material. The oil-free bearing is inlaid with water lubricant, and its working surface has drilled holes.The bearing with water lubricant is extremely resistant to heat and corrosion. A fragile phenomenon never occurs at low temperature. The water lubricated aluminum bronze bearing can be used at extremely low temperature. It is especially applicable to seawater and river environments such as the ships, valves, water turbines, water treatment, and the environmental engineering, etc.#50B Solid Lubricated Bronze Bearing1.The #50B solid lubricated bronze bearing is made primarily from copper alloy with HB>60. The working surface of the oilless bearing with solid lubricant is specially treated with drilled holes.2.The high-strength bearing is suitable for medium-duty and moderate-speed operations. It can be used at high temperature with strong corrosion resistance. Our customers can select either #50AB or #50B based on practical use.3.Please choose the part number in accordance with the required inner diameter, outer diameter, and length of the copper alloy bearing.4.For instance, the ordering code of the solid lubricated bronze bearing is DNB-#50B-101408 under conditions of 10mm inner diameter, 14mm outer diameter, and 8mm length.5.Please check the PDF document for specific size parameters.#50W Thrust Washers1.The #50W thrust washer made by our company is a kind of high-performance, solid-lubricated product that is mainly constructed from copper alloy. Different from common bearings, the solid-lubricated thrust washer does not depend on oil film for lubrication.2.This product allows solid lubricant to rub against axle through frictional heat when in use. It gives outstanding lubrication performance when oil and powder coexist. The thrust washers can not only protect axle from abrasion, but also make the characteristic of solid lubricant permanent.3.Thus far, the thrust washers have been widely used as the plastic mould accessories, packaging machine accessories, and the other transmission accessories.4.Please choose the part number through the appropriate inner diameter and thickness. Here is an example under conditions of 6mm inner diameter and 3mm thickness.Technical ParametersPart No.Inner DiameterOuter DiameterThicknessScrew HolesP.C.DNumber of HolesFlat Head Screwd1#50W-06036.2253152M33.5#50W-08038.228"18"""#50W-100310.230"20"""#50W-120312.240"28"""#50W-1203N12.240"Without flat head screw hole  3.5#50W-130313.240"282M3"#50W-140314.240" """#50W-150315.250"35"""#50W-160316.250" """#50W-1603N16.250"Without flat head screw hole   #50W-180318.250"352M33.5#50W-200520.250" "M56#50W-250525.255540"""#50W-300530.260"45"""#50W-350535.270"50"""#50W-400740.280760"M67#50W-450745.290"67.5"""#50W-500850.31008754""#50W-550855.3110"85"""#50W-600860.3120"90"M89#50W-650865.3125"95"""#50W-701070.313010100"""#50W-751075.3140"110"""#50W-801080.3150"120"""#50W-901090.5170"140"M1011#50W-10010100.5190"160"""#50W-12010120.5200"175"""

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