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Direct Black 38

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Product Description
TECHNICAL DATA SHEET Product name: DIRECT BLACK 38 POWDERCAS NO.: 1937-37-7C.I.: 30235EINECS: 217-710-3Chemical formula: C34H27N9O7S2.2NaMolecular structure: Appearance: Shade: Strength: Odor: Specific gravity: PH value: Moisture /%: Insoluble matter /%: Light fastness: Washing fastness(40°С) Rubbing fastness: Sublimation fastness (180°С 30sec): Perspiration fastness: Black powder Similar to the standard Similar to the standard Weak odor   Not availableNot available ≤5.0 ≤1.0 4 4 Dry: 4 Wet: 1-2 4 4Performance and features: The product is mainly used for dyeing cotton, hemp, mucilage glue, silk, and mucilage or cotton mixed textile fabrics.

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