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Disc Feeder

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Product Description
Jinfeng Gold Mining Machinery is one of the best disc feeder manufacturers in China, equipped with good factory, welcome to wholesale disc feeder made in China from us.Product Features DK disc feeder is of hanging and opening type, suitable for feeding the powder material with grain size less than 20mm. With a complex structure, this kind of feeder is durable. It is hung above bottom opening of fine-ore bin. The quantity of feeding is adjusted through adjusting the position of scraper.Notes for model selectionAccording to beneficiation scale and operation rules, specify the model of corresponding feeder, which shall be made by the manufacture. The motor can be changed to a speed-regulating motor, which shall require a special order.Technical parameter list of DK disc feeder  Model(mm)Disc diameter(t/h)Capacity(mm)Material particle sizeInstallation formMotor(kg)WeightModel(kw)PowerDK66000.6-3.925hanging typeY90L-6 JZTY21-61.1403DK88001.4-7.630hanging typeY90L-6 JZTY21-41.1555DK1010002.5-16.740hanging typeY100L-6 JZTY22-41.5827DK1313004.2-27.950hanging typeY132S-6 JZTY32-431150DK1616007-48.660hanging typeY132M1-6 JZTY41-442125DK1818009.2-6070hanging typeY132M2-6 JZTY42-45.52900DK20200013.6-3880hanging typeY132M2-6 JZTY42-45.53140

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