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Disc Vacuum Filter

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Product Description
Disc Vacuum FilterApplication: Disc Vacuum Filter is mainly used for floating 0-0.5mm beneficiated ore, and dewatering clean coal, waste coal and other fine materials. It also can be used for solid-liquid separation in metallurgy, chemical industry, and petroleum and sewage treatment. The acid-proof filter is used for solid-liquid separation of corrosiveness materials, with using stainless steel materials.Features:  1. High vacuum degree, low concentration of filtrate and high filter efficiency  2. Small occupied area, low power consumption.  3. Can be recycled to use., reduce the emission  4. Highly automatic, reduce labor cost  5. Easy installation and maintenance  6. Reliable structure and long lifespan.Parameters: modelFiltering area(m2)Number of filtering discsDiameter of filtering discs(mm)Rotating of filtering discs(r.p.m)power of the main drive motor      (kw)Power of the motor for agitating      (kw)External dimensions      (L×W×H)      (mm)weight(kg)PG9-29218000.08~1.891.11.12290×2510×21002510PG18-41840.254~1.141.52833×2340×22953980PG27-62760.254~1.143820×2300×23204620PG39-439427000.074~0.721.53015×3275×32755650PG58-65860.254~×3355×327510980PG78-87880.254~1.144700×3400×33001360PG116-12116120.285~1.285446330×3355×32751500

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