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GPT seriesDisc vacuum filterOperation InstructionOne. OverviewDisc vacuum filter is a soild-liquid separation equipment, which is separating solid from liquid through vacuum as filter power.The machine uses a filter plate skid-oriented; speed shift mixing, anti-air discharge; centralized lubrication and other advanced technologies, it is an excellent, reliable operation of the dewatering equipment.This machine is a kind of new disc vacuum filter specifically designed for iron concentrate, nonferrous metals concentrate dehydration, and it is also suitable for washing coal, ore dressing, non-metallic mineral, chemical, environmental protection industry.Two. Working principle and conditions(1)Working principleDisc vacuum filter consists of each individual fan-shaped disc film composition. After fans run out from the slurry liquid into dewatering zone, water constantly separates from the filter cake under a vacuum suction force, further discharges from the filtrate pipe and the distributing head, and get dry to enter the discharge area. The cake removes by the blade or the anti-hair, falls into the row of trough. The whole process is a continuous loop.(2)working conditionsSolid particle size in slurry is 100 to 400 micron.The Slurry is non-corrosive. (while handling corrosive materials, special design is needed)Slurry temperature: 10-50℃       Optimum pulp density is 35% to 65% (for metallic minerals) or 20% to 40% (for coal and other light materials)  Three. Basic parametersTable 1UnitGPT10-2GPT15-3GPT20-4Filter areaM2101520Diameter of platemm2100Filter plate quantityge234Volume of filter cellM31.21.82.4Pan rotating speedr/min0.5—1.0Agitator modelActive speed shift paddleAgitator rotating speedr/min72-78Main drive motormodelBW22-87BW27-87powerKW344agitatorreducermodelBW22-11powerKW45.5Size(length×high×width)mm2535×2480×28902920×2480×28903315×2480×2690Designed weightT77.88.6Four. Basic structureThe machine structure drawing is as Figure (1), it mainly consists of a tank, and the spindle gear, guide and discharging device, left and right distribution head, stirrer, filter cloth cleaning device, automatic centralized lubrication device, feeding system, automatic electric control system.(1) Filter platethe structure is as Figure 2. GPT—10-40m2 disc vacuum filters usually have 2-8 plates, each plate has 20 fans. The structure is: filter cloth bags 2 is on fan 1, through the screw, nut 3 and plate4 , fix fans and filter cloth on the spindle filter pipe to form circular filter plate.(2)Spindle transmission deviceSpindle transmission: transmission is composed by bull gear, belt, the larger pulley, pinion, reducer, due to adopting variable speed motors, spindle speed can be adjusted variable to meet different working conditions.(3)Spindle and mixture equipmentSpindle and mixture equipment are the main working parts, the structure is shown in Figure (3), the spindle is mainly made up from the central axis 21, the filtrate tube 11, filter plate socket 9, the control panel 5 and so on. Central axis made by a thick-walled steel pipes, has sufficient rigidity and torque torque and bending moment to withstand strength, 20 into the filtrate tube axis in the center ring are the circumference of cloth, the filter fan filter head into the filtrate tube fan socket 9, the filtrate in the vacuum pump to suck on, the filtrate control valve unit excluded from the outside.The mixture equipment is the critical part controlling the filtrate process, it consists of left and right distribution heads. Under the distribution head is filtrate output connecting with vacuum pipe, the top is vacuum gauge, to observe vacuum degree. Left and right distribution heads include two distribution head 2 & 14 and left right distribution plate 4 & 12, the head fixed together with plate through connecting bolt.the spindle supported on the bearings 6, is driven by the large gear 20 and its driver device. Distribution head hangs in the bearing housing by pin13, screw1,18, etc, and pressed through the spring and the spindle, thus ensuring the sealing of distribution plate and friction disc. During the spindle operation, all groups filtrate fans arranged along the filtrate tube pass adsorption area followed by dry area, unloading cake area and washing area, so that complete the filtration operation again and again.Distribution plate and friction disc are made of special cast iron with excellent abrasion resistance, long life, good seal, the airway between left and right distribution plate is slightly different.(4)stirrerIn order to prevent slurry sediment, the lower part of the tank has mixing device with blades, stirring shaft with stirring blades on is paralleled with the spindle, stirring constantly in the slurry between the filter plate. The drive device is made of a velocity modulation motor, cycloidal pin wheel reducer, chain drive, whose structure shown in Figure (4). This machine is stepless speed rugulating agitation, can be selected different mixing speed for different materials. To meet some materials of large sedimentation rate, the machine is equipped with a larger mixing motor power, generally has a surplus. Agitation shaft has water sealing at both ends, while working continuously inject 0.02-0.03Mpa pressure of water, to ensure the sealing, (showed in Figure 3).(5)guide and discharging deviceThe machine adopts guide plate and the reverse wind means to discharge materials, in the discharge area, firstly plump the filter cloth up through reverse blowing, guides cake removed from the filter plate under gravity, the combined unloading mode can achieve high cake discharge rate. Reverse blowing lead wind into filter fans through the distribution head, distribution plate and filtrate tube, the anti-hair wind pressure is 0.02-0.03Mpa, air volume can be determined by filter area 0.2-0.3m3/min per square meter.(6)filter cloth cleaning device`In order to prevent clogging filter cloth, the filter cloth cleaning equipment is installed, cleaning cycle is up to the nature of the material, in general, each 200 working hours cleaning cloth once, and each time for 60 minutes, required water pressure 0.3-0.4Mpa , while cleaning the slurry in tank body should be emptied.(7)automatic centralized lubrication deviceThe device can timely do forced lubrication on most of lubrication points. The parts not suitable for automatic lubrication are still conducted using artificial oil lubrication. The requirement of various lubrication points showed in the section  routine maintenance and major issues .(8)automatic control deviceDetailed description of the device, see  Appendix: Electrical operation and control instructions  section. The machine electrical circuit drawing is showed in Appendix III.(9)tank bodyThe tank, as the machine supporting parts and pulp container, is made of welded steel, tank bottom take protection by wear-resistant coating and has a slurry overflow vent on the tank to guarantee a quite water level height, and the slurry discharge mouth, filter cake outlet, and so on.(10)feeding deviceIt consists of feeder trough and feeding tube, and connecting to the site feeder system can achieve continuous feed.Five. Operation and adjustment After starting air switch of the main power supply, you can start, stop and take other operations on the control panel.Motor start: According to the requirements of vacuum filter process, order of four filter motor starting is - belt conveyor motor start→ slurry stirring motor start→ slurry injected into the tank→ spindle motor start→ vacuum pump start→ lubrication system motor start.  Auto / Manual  handle switch is used to control lubricate motor working state of system. In manual condition, system lubrication start and stop time is controlled by on-site operators, in automatic condition, the time is automatically controlled by the two time relays, the opening time set in the range of 0 to 99 minutes; stop time set in the range of 0 to 20 hours, before out of the factory set the start time is 8 minutes, stop time is 1 hour. When filter is down, youshould operation as following order –lubrication motor stop→ vacuum pump stop→ spindle motor stop→ emptying the pulp→ stirring motor stop→ belt conveyor motor stop.Six. Maintenance and precautions1. The operator should not leave their posts and pay attention to signals on control panel and analog screen, If any abnormal phenomenon, promptly measures should be taken.2. Always check the fastening of the parts, does not allow loosening.3. Always check whether vacuum pipe is leak, vacuum indication is normal. 4. Always check temperature of motor and bearing is normal. 5. Frequently check whether the filter plate run smoothly, if abnormality, you should immediately adjust the skid, fasten bolts; always check the spacing between gauge plate and filter plate, if the spacing is too large, must be properly adjusted to ensure that dry material does not return the tank; regularly checks cloth are intact, such as immediately stop to replace the damaged filter cloth. (Break cloth will lead to materials run out which can cause serious damage to filters inner and vacuum pump) 6. Check whether the spindle is running smoothly, open gear negative contact surface is uniform and ensure that tooth surface is with grease. 7. Always check the seal at the packing blocks, and to ensure water supply is absolutely normal at the water seal (if water seal without water for a long time, the built-in graphite packing will damage seal steel sleeve or shaft.) If the packing seat meets the first occurrence of running water, you should tighten the gland packing screw seat, after several tightens, replace the packing or seal parts.8. Always check the liquid level is in the predetermined position, adjust when necessary and always ensure the proper overflow flux at the overflow vent. 9. Observed feeding, discharging is normal or not, ensure thickness and moisture of the cake has no anomalies. 10. The four springs on the distribution disc must be uniform compression. Keep the two air adjusting valve open appropriately. 11. Always check lubrication at each point and add dry oil to dry oil drums in time (drying oil label must be accurate and ensure oil clean). Individual sites (mixed bearing seat, reducer) should adopt artificial oil. And requirements of the lubrication points is in table. 12. A sudden stop or a case of downtime, must empty the trough material out, or else start with materials, reducer, motor will be easy to be damaged. Re-start, air start, and then discharge. 13. Cycloid reducer lubrication Notes: cycloid reducer mainly in oil bath lubrication: use N46, N68 oils when ambient temperature -10 ℃ ~ 0 ℃; use N68, N100 , N150, N220 oil when 0 ℃ ~ 40 ℃, when slanting installation, use grease; immediately above BL27 and X16 are circulating lubrication; start the pump micro motor before you drive, check whether the oil pump is working, if not make micro motor wiring phase commutation, because pump is operating according to the specified direction, when the pump is working the oil level should be maintained in a circular oil standard midline, the pump and the gear connection at the end there is  o -ring to prevent seepage, leakage. Two weeks after the first refueling operation should be replaced with new oil and rinse oil inside. Then to be replaced every 3-6 months, if the ambient temperature is high and the humidity should be appropriate to shorten the oil change time. In operation, oil reserves in the reducer body must be maintained oil level requirements, not too much or too little, spin on the boot block or the ventilation cap flange, lubrication can be added.14.Other lubrication parts, showed in the table belowNo.Lubrication pointsLubricating modeOil kind1open gearartificial oilingCalcium base grease2Spindle bearing(left, right)Grease pump oilingCalcium base grease3Control disc and friction plate(left, right)Grease pump oilingCalcium base grease4Agitation bearing(left, right)Grease pump oilingCalcium base grease5Chain wheel, chainsartificial oilingCalcium base grease6Agitation bearingartificial oilingCalcium base grease7Spindle reducerartificial oilingNo.40 machine oil8Agitation reducerartificial oilingNo.40 machine oilSeven. Analysis and treatment on common faultNo.FaultCauseTroubleshooting1Low shedding rate of filter cakeCake is too thinPressure of air sweeping in reverse is too largeAdjust the spindle rotating rateCheck the reverse wind system2Gas leakage between control disc and friction plateTwo discs are not placed onfitting surface wearfitting surface is poor lubricatedadjust the spring TightlyReplace or repair the control disc and friction plate or add enough oil3Gas leakage of filter plateCloth bags local damagefilter fan and socket is not sealing very good low surfaceReplace filter cloth bagsAdjust or replace the  O -ring to improve surface level4Vacuum degree too lowVacuum pump works anomalyGas leak and clogging of vacuum pipeGas leak of filterPulp level is too lowMaintenanceRepair pipeline Maintenanceraise the slurry surface5Shaft packing seal leakage, leakage mineNo compression packing Packing or seals damaged Seal effectivenessCompress packingMaintenance or replace packing and sealsMaintenance or replace sealing water ring6Can’t from cake, too thinSlurry concentrate is too lowSpindle rotating speed is improperGas leak of filterVacuum degree is too lowIncrease concentrateAdjust the rotating speedMaintenance Maintenance7Not enough oil in lubrication pointChoke cloggingDry oil pump works anomalyImproper connection of pipe jointClean the clogMaintenanceTighten8Abnormal feedingFeeding pipe cloggingMaintenance pipe and clean9Abnormal controlCircuit failure Electrical component damage repair according to  electrical circuit drawingEight. Safety and precautionsIn addition to act up to the relevant provisions of the scene, the relevant operator also should comply with the following additional provisions:1.Operating room equipped with operating console, non-local staff can not enter to operate control switch, to avoid accidents; 2. For equipment maintenance, you should cut off the power and hang out  somebody is working now, power transmission is strictly prohibited,  the warning signs; 3. Prohibit to leads to the power cord from operating desk. To carry out maintenance on the line, it must be under the guidance of technical staff; 4. Overhaul platform and barrier must be solid, the platform can not be free to put any things, so that the debris can not to fall into the moving parts; 5. While cleaning working environment, pay attention to protect the electrical components, can not let water splash on it, so as not to cause short circuit or burn electrical componentsAppendix I, electrical operation and control instructionsthe protection of motor Short-circuit in the electrical control system and motor overheat protection is showed in electrical circuit drawing. Motor control system includes air switch, thermal relay, while overload or short circuit failure occurred, the air switch or thermal relay auto trip, the motor stops running to play a protective role. After identifying reasons and clearing fault, turn off airbrake switch or press the blue reset button on the thermal relay, then put into operation again.Appendix II, operation, maintenance, safety regulationsOne, operationOperators should observe the following rules;1. First take a comprehensive inspection on equipment status before start operating to ensure everything is normal, according to following order, start all motors: (1) start belt machine motor→  (2) start fan motor→  (3) Start stirring motor→  (4) start the spindle Motor→  (5) Start the lubrication motor (both of the spindle motor and the mixing frequency motor speed can be adjusted through buttons on conversion BOP operator panel)After device is working normally, add slurry into the tank until overflow, and connect vacuum and reverse wind pipe, then begin filtration.2. Stop working, they should first stop the feeder vacuum, reverse wind, open the discharge valve to empty the slurry, stop the motor running as the following order: (1) Stop lubricating motor→  (2) the spindle motor speed transferred to  0 , press the  Stop  button to stop the spindle motor running→  (3) stop stirring motor, the method is the same with (2)→  (4) stop the belt motor.3. Stirring motor must start running with empty load, in any circumstances, if the stirring stopped more than 2 minutes, the slurry should be emptied before they start the stirring motor running again.4. As long as slurry in the body of tank, it is not allowed to stop the operation shaft, the body will not allow to inject more material.Second, maintenance procedures 1. The operator should always pay attention to whether the normal operation of equipment, If any abnormal phenomenon, promptly measures should be taken. Notice to overhaul if necessary.2. Always check temperature of motor and bearing is normal. Check the reducer has oil in it.3. Check the check cloth is intact, and replace the damaged filter cloth in time.4. Always check the seal at the packing blocks, and to ensure water supply is absolutely normal at the water seal. If the packing seat has serious water leakage, you should tighten the gland packing seat immediately, if necessary replace the packing or seal parts.5. Always check lubrication at each point and add dry oil to dry oil drums in time. In the state of manual work, start the lubricating motor once an hour, each start time is 8 to 10 minutes.if necessary, notify maintenance personnel overhaul. 6. Always check the vacuum degree is normal, if not the reasons should be identified properly, and check whether the vacuum hose leak and take the appropriate treatment. 7. While overhauling or cloth clogging, you should clean filter cloth in time. Third, the safety regulations 1. Not the exact staff can not operate control switch, to avoid accidents; 2. For equipment maintenance, you should cut off the power and hang out  somebody is working now, power transmission is strictly prohibited,  the warning signs; 3. Prohibit to leads to the power cord from operating desk. To carry out maintenance on the line, it must be under the guidance of technical staff; 4. Overhaul platform and barrier must be solid, the platform can not be free to put any things, so that the debris can not to fall into the moving parts; 5. While cleaning working environment, pay attention to protect the electrical components, can not let water splash on it, so as not to cause short circuit or burn electrical components

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