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Disposable Bare Fiber

Product Description

1.Semi-conductor laser fiber(200um,400um,600um,800um,1000um)
2.Holmium laser optical fiber(200um,276um,365um,550um,800um,1000um)
3.KTP laser frequency doubling optical fiber(200um,400um,600um,800um,1000um)
4.YAG optical laser fiber(200um,400um,600um,800um,1000um)
5.Lateral launching fiber(400um,600um,1000um)
6.Diffuser Optical Fibers(diffuse head is30,50,80mm)(400um,600um)
7.Optical fiber detacher and Optical fiber cutter
Fiber properties:
1.International standard SMA-905 connector
Quick and convenient connection with SMA-905 international standard interface.
2.Good quality, reasonable price
Medfibers provides laser optical fiber transmission products for famous medical laser manufacturers all over the world.
3.Professional sterilized package
Our fibers go through strict sterilization steps. It can be used directly.
4.Applicable to a variety of wavelengths
Our fibers can transmit 810nm, 940nm, 980nm, 1064nm, 1470nm, 1900nm, 2100nm and other more.
5.Multiple size and fiber probe
We provide multiple fibers of different diameter (200um, 400um, 600um , 800um, 1000um) to satisfy all kinds of need for laser gear. The fiber lengths are  2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5 respectively.
6.Durable in use
Our fiber is hard to break and wears a firm coating to protect from breaking when using.

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