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Disposable Bite Blocks With Strap

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Product Description
Bite block Product Description 1. Intended UseIt is used to protect oral cavity and gastronomy in the process of gastroscope operation. 2. Materials Component Material Standard Bite block body Polyethylene ISO 1872-1-1993 Strap Non-latex rubber belt ISO 23529-2010  3. Characteristics* Superior design* Smooth skin to enhance patient comfort* Large and flexible openings allowing the scope passage and finger-assisting simultaneously* Strap available to improve safety and convenience 4. Specification  PTB-YO-02: Disposable, with strap, for adults.  PTB-YO-03: Disposable, with strap,for children. PTB-YO-04: Disposable, with strap,for adults. 5. Product Packaging1) Inner Packaging: The inner package is PE+ Dupont paper.2) Middle Package: The middle package is 3-layer corrugated paper. 3) Outer Package: The outer package is 5-layer corrugated paper. Company info:    Zhuji Pengtian Medical Instrument Co., Ltd. is leading Chinese professional enterprise specializing in manufacture and sale of endoscopy diagnostic & therapy medical instruments. Our main products are Disposable(Reusable) Biopsy Forceps,Disposable Cytology Brushes, Disposable Injection Needle,Disposable (Reusable) Cleaning Brushes, Disposable Snare, Disposable Biopsy Needle and so on. Our R&D center is one of the best in China. Our products are reliable. In China, we are the first to design and produce Distal Fine and Soft Disposable Biopsy Forceps, Disposable Alligator Jaws Type Biopsy Forceps, Disposable Double Moving Cups Biopsy Forceps. Our 1.8 Alligator Jaws Type Biopsy Forceps is unique in China.  We can also customize according to customers' requirements.  On the way to set up a first-class international brand, our products have been approved by many customers. Now we are looking for the international partners. Contact info: Tel: 86-575-87128773 Fax: 86-575-87128771 Sales: lisa@pengtianmed.com; alice@pengtianmed.com; mandy@pengtianmed.com Add: No.8 Jinjin Road,Jiyang Economic Development District, Zhuji, Zhejiang, China.

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