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Disposable Stone Extraction Basket

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Indications:Disposable Stone Extraction Basket is used to capture and extract the stones, polyp tissues after polypectomy or foreign matters with the help of clinical endoscopes.Product Description:The diseases in the bile duct or pancreatic duct system are clinically common in China. The problems have been highlighted because of the accelerated rhythm of daily life. In the past,the diseases were usually handled by surgical treatments which resulted in large trauma, many complications and easy of relapse. Not only the body but also the mind of the patients has suffered from repeated surgical treatments because of the recurrences of stones. With the development of clinical endoscopic technology, extracting stones from the common bile duct by ERCP has been applied broadly in the clinical practice.Application:Disposable stone extraction basket is used commonly in the ERCP surgeries. The working principle of the product is to realize the in and out of the basket head components from the sheath by pushing and pull the handle. During the back-and-forth movement, it is perhaps required to move the basket along the target to capture it. On capturing the target, retract the basket into the sheath, and the basket wires will undergo a deformation to make the stones stuck firmly in the basket, and then be pulled out of the body cavity along with the endoscope.Product Features:1. The employment of imported raw material, medical grade, safe and reliable;2. Connection strength > 10KG. Product Description

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