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Distilling Tube With Thorn Vigreux

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1207. Distilling tube with thorn Vigreux, Boro 3.3Product descriptionAll distilling tubes are consisted of a main tube and a side tube, this one is the one with most sizes. Clean it before using, connect it to boiling flask with rubber stopper and cork, sometimes some filler is needed if you want a better distilling effect. It is perfect for the laboratory of school, factory and enterprise.There is 6 sizes available: 410mm distilling tube with thorn, 560mm distilling tube with thorn, 690mm distilling tube with thorn, 790mm distilling tube with thorn, 1020mm distilling tube with thorn, 1220mm distilling tube with thorn, Bullet points/advantages: 1. Material: Boro 3.3 glass2. Color: Clear3. Heavy dutyColor :  ClearMaterial:  Boro 3.3 glassSpecificationCat.No.length of vigreux tubeO.D.of tubeO.D.of side tubeHeightQty/Ctn (mm)(mm)(mm)(mm) 12072502164104812074002375603612075002586903612076002797902412078003010102024120710003311122016

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