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DodecylphenolT1200 DodecylphenolProduct IntroductionDodecylphenol is an important chemical raw materials, which is produced during the alkylation reaction of phenol and tetrapropylene. This product has light color, which is suitable for long-term storage without any color change. It is widely used in lubricating oil additives, surfactants, resin synthesis, ink and other fields.SpecificationItemTypical ValueTest MethodAppearanceColorless or light  yellow viscous transparent liquidVisualDensity(27℃),g/cm3reportGB/T2540Flash Point(closed),℃≥155GB/T 261Phenol m%≤0.2GCSingle alkylphenol m%≥95GCDubble alkylphenol m%≤ 4GCColor Number, ASTM≤ 0.8ASTM D 1500Water,  m%≤ 0.05GB/T260Packing & StorageThe product is packed in 200L metal drum or packed according to the customer's requirements. It shall be transported by container or truck. The product is non-flammable; non-explosive .The storage temperature should not exceed 40℃. The storage period is two-year.In case of skin contact, wash it off thoroughly with detergent and water.

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