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Domestic Swimming Pool Heat Pump

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Product Description
Special Heat Pump for Swimming PoolHeating a swimming pool with a heat pump is particularly energy efficient due to the low temperature requirement for pool water. A swimming pool normally contains at least tens of cubic meters of water, to heat the pool or keep it at a constant temperature by a traditional heating device means a lot of energy cost, but the COP of a swimming pool heat pump usually is near to or exceeds 5.0, that means you can save up to 80% of energy, and more importantly, it is so friendly to environment.Benefits for You● Various models for choices, heating capacity from 3.7kW up to 50 kW.● Specially designed Titanium condenser, durable, efficient and corrosion free.● High efficient evaporator with hydrophilic film coated fins.● Galvanized steel casing, plastic casing and plastic casing for choices, suitable for different working environment. ● High quality, long lifetime, almost free of maintenance.

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