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Dongguan Betterfresh High Temperature Rapid Cooling Increase Shelf Life Vacuum Precooling For Vegeta

PRICE: 38500 USD
Product Description

Vacuum cooling machine is the special equipment for rapid pre-cooling vegetables, which compared to traditional cold storage cooling time, each only 20-30 minutes to completely cooled vegetables, saving rapid preservation, extend the shelf! Create greater economic and social value!
Characteristics :
1.Cooling rate:15-30minutes to reach the required temperature of refrigeration preservation.
2.Cooling Uniformity.
3.Clean and sanitary.
4.Thin layer drying.
5.Not restricted by packaging.
6.Keep the freshness of high foods original color,flavor and taste,extend shelf life.
7.The high degree of automation.
8.High precision.
9.Security and stability.
10.Energy saving and high efficient.

Vacuum coolers is a rapid cooling and processing equipment for vegetables, designed for pre-cooling temperature 0-5 ℃;Based on vacuum cooling machine,under vacuum pressure conditions, the boiling point of water decreases with decreasing pressure, the pre-cooling using a vacuum chamber was evacuated. When the pressure reaches a certain value (610pa),Vegetable surface water is at some point temperature (0-2 ℃) starts to boil and evaporated;free water of evaporation will take away a lot of heat of the vegetable surfaces and the center, so that the whole vegetable achieve rapid cooling effect;Vacuum cooling can also remove rain water harvesting vegetables, you can make the surface of a small wound "healing" to reduce the chance of microbial invasion, there is no other treatment methods, only the vacuum cooling device is unique!


1, can quickly remove field heat, make fruits and vegetables more quickly into hibernation, lock nutrients;

2, the surface of the droplets of fruits and vegetables can be removed to prevent microbial growth cause rotting fruits and vegetables;

3, to repair mechanical damage during harvest / removal caused. Lock in moisture and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables;

4, uniform cooling, clean, energy efficient;

5, high preservation, can protect the food original color, smell, taste, extend shelf life;

6, the use of high-quality compressors and vacuum pumps, to ensure the mechanical stability and durability;

7, a key operation using PLC, in line with the family's easy to use, the computer will record data in a variety of machinery used in the process,at a glance

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