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Dongguan Betterfresh Refrigeration Rapid Pre-cooling To Extend The Shelf Vacuum Cooling Pre Coolers

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Dongguan Betterfresh LTD.

Vacuum cooler will work in this way,as the pressure gradually decreases,the water begins to boil in a low temperature state and take away the heat,which can achieve rapid cooling and cooling.It is widely used in cooling and preservation of fruits and vegetables and food as well as transportation and storage and so on.
Vacuum cooling Characteristics :
1.Cooked food Vacuum rapid cooling machine.
2.Cooling temperature uniformity.
3.To avoid the environment pollution.
4.Improve the quality of cooked food products.
5.Cooling rate:15-30minutes to reach the required temperature of refrigeration preservation.
6.Cooling Uniformity.
7.Clean and sanitary.
8.Thin layer drying.
9.Not restricted by packaging.
10.Keep the freshness of high foods original color,flavor and taste,extend shelf life.
11.Energy saving and high efficient.

1.Film restoration effect. Repair of small scars of vegetables and fruits.
2.Prolong preservation time and shelf-time;
3.Fast cooling speed and uniform cooling, normal 20 to 30 minutes cooling duration for each cycle;
4.No pollution to products,restrain and kill bacteria and animalcule, ;
5.No partial dry shrink,evaporated water is about 2 to 30% of total goods weight;
6.Retain freshness and nutrition;

1. Fish/seafood icing
2. Produce cooling/meat/poultry/cooked food
3. Thermal energy storage/concrete cooling
4. Baking industry applications/ chemical and dye processing

The benefits of choosing us:
1.Mature technology of fresh keeping technology and refrigeration.Product quality assurance.Energy saving and high efficiency.
2.Responsibility.Your request makes us improve,and your satisfaction is our eternal pursue.We will meet customers’ demands from various professional fields with first-rate products and services.
3.Safety protection products and environmental-friendly design to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.Here at Betterfresh we have worldwide sourcing ability and creat great future .
4.Grown Together and make win-win success with clients and cooperative partners.

Business Field Of Us:
1.Vacuum Cooler For Vegetables/Flowers/Fruits
2.Cooked Food Vacuum Cooler
3.Modified Atmosphere Packaging Machine(MAP Machine)
4.Tube Ice Machine
5.Flake Ice Machine
6.Block Ice Machine
7.Plate Ice Machine
8.Cold Room​

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