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Door Window Sensor

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Product Description
Product Name:Door/window Sensor (Sensor + Magnet)Product Function: Real-time sensing Open/Close status of door/window, joint control air conditioning, lights, air purifiers and other smart devices.Product Size:Sensor L*W*H 65.5mm*29.0mm*12.0mm,Magnet L*W*H41.0mm*12.0mm*11.5mm Product Features:Unique, compact design, drawer design originality, unauthorized alarm, sensing Open/Close status of door/window/drawer , joint control other smart devices.Using Scene: Can be used for home security systems or other similar systems, uses together with Dusun gateway.If opening windows and doors is unauthorized , warning, will be sent. When go home at night, after the door is opened, lights will be on; when windows are opened, the air conditioner will be off; realized energy saving and environmental protection.Specifications: Working distance

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