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Double Colour Offset Printing Machine

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Weifang Hua Guang Digital Equipment Co.,Ltd is one of the famous China double colour offset printing machine manufacturers and suppliers, we are able to offer you good quality and stable two color offset press, welcome to contact our factory. Performance features: Super Cost performance: Finish perfect printing at one time, improve the printing efficiency and reduce the cost. Reasonable structure, easy operation; As easy as the normal single-side machine in the plate-loading, Plate-unloading, water and ink control as well as the drum clean; Using the meter to adjust the papers with different width, which is with high efficiency. High location precision: Location for two times just make guarantee that the location is precise. Widely Application: Wide conformability of the papers, which can meet the printing demand of kinds of offset perfector. Counter Presetting: Adopt microcomputer counter presetting, after printing finish, it will stop paper-feeding automatically. Double-paper Check: It can efficiently control the paper numbers, automatically avoid double papers or many papers at a time without stopping the machine. Dusting Function: Prevent the printing from dirty in the back. Automatic Ink supply: According to the printing state, choose"automatic" or "manual" ink supply, to make the printing color more identical. Focus on oil supply: Supply oil to the key parts to make sure it work much more smoothly. Pros and cons movement: Make the operation more convenient Widely Used: Widely used in letter, sheets and bills as well as normal colorful files printing. Type FJ47D/FJ47D-NP FJ56D/FJ56D-NP Type FJ47D/FJ47D-NP FJ56D/FJ56D-NP Max.printing area 454×345mm 550×375mm water roller 4pieces(1water form roller) 4 pieces(1water form roller) paper weight 28~250g/m 2 28~250g/m 2 Blanket size 466×415×1.95mm 560×455×1.95mm Max.paper size 470×365mm 560×400mm Power of primary motor 1.5Kw 2.2Kw Min.paper size 90×140mm 90×140mm Power of air-pump motor 0.55Kw 1.1Kw Printing speed 2000~6000p/h 2000~6000 p/h Net weight(approx) 880kg 1000kg Plate size 470×365×0.15mm 560×420×0.15mm Power supply 220v/50Hz 220v/50Hz Ink roller 14 pieces(3ink form rollers) 14 pieces(3ink form rollers) Dimension 2480×935×1340mm 2480×980×1340mm NP system ink roller 6 pieces(2ink form rollers)

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