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Double Flapper Check Valve

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Xi'an ZZ Top Oil Tools Co.,Ltd is one of the top level double flapper check valve manufacturers and suppliers, with professional factory, we are able to produce API and oilfield double flapper check valve, welcome to contact us.1.IntroductionThe double flapper check valve is the standard part of the coiled tubing string, when the coiled tubing string or surface equipment is failed to work or damaged, the double flapper check valve will prevent the down-hole liquid refluxing into the tubing string. The double flapper check valve is designed with dual seal structure to improve the reliable of the sealing, the elastomeric seal is mainly for the low pressure sealing and the metal sealing is for the high pressure sealing.This style of flapper check valve can be utilized on low or high-pressureapplications.2.Feature and benefits*Dual elastomer seal for each group of flapper*Designed for working in high & low-pressure wells *Easy to install onto the coiled tubing bottom hole assembly* Removable flapper, easy to maintain*Full bore design3.ApplicationAll standard Coiled Tubing OperationsMilling operationsFishing operationsCT Spec.(in)Max. OD(mm)Min ID (mm)W.P. (Psi)Connection Length1.25031.88.010000305.01.50038.010.010000335.81.75044.516.010000409.02.00050.818.010000414.52.25057.025.010000454.52.37560.026.010000454.52.87573.032.010000478.5

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